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by Tim Morch, Copywriter

To say we are living in unusual times is an understatement. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to redefine work, our mobility, how we shop, and interact. We are in the middle of a global science experiment enduring lockdowns, curfews, and other restrictions. All lives have been impacted.

We have witnessed a seismic shift as work-from-home and digital interactions replace human contact. E-commerce has exploded, home delivery has become the norm, and online communication is now mainstream. Flexibility and agility, once the realm of business models, are now personal models.

This is challenging territory for adults to navigate. But what about kids?

Kids Need Simple Explanations

As parents, we know that explaining complex concepts to kids requires simple words and down-to-earth discussions. Kids have a superpower that adults have lost: a unique ability to make things simple. They strip away the extras and focus on the essentials. They do not hesitate to ask questions, sometimes over and over, forcing us to explain better.

As the EU began to re-open in late May 2021 and border crossings required only rapid antigen tests to avoid quarantines, it eased family reunifications. I hurried to the local clinic for a free test and raced across the Italy/France border to hold my daughter for the first time in months. It was an emotionally charged reunion.

Her first question was: “Papa. Did you cry when you got the Covid test?”

“No, but my eyes watered so much it looked like I did.”

“I don’t like the test. I have had it three times now and it always makes me cry.”

“You had the PCR test. It hurts more. I had the quick test. It hurts less.”

We talked about how the test was important to show she did not have the virus and to make it safer for her classmates, teachers, and staff who work at her school.

“I know Papa. But I do not want to have the nose test again. And you know what? At school, they gave us a new test. We drank a liquid – the flavour was not good … but not too bad – rinsed it around our mouth and spat it back into the cup. All my classmates were much happier with this test. Why don’t they have more tests like this Papa?”

When a kid becomes focused on a topic, they do not stop asking questions. We decided there should be new tests that are easier and faster, making it better for everybody. 

Case closed. Seconds later, she was already on to the next topic.

“Do you know what is worse than the nose test?”


“A needle. A needle is worse. The thing I fear most is needles. I know I need them – for vaccinations and other things – but I detest needles.”

This is normal for kids. Needles are painful. Even adults have needle phobia. The hypodermic needle has been used for more than 150 years. And while it is effective, it comes with a range of logistical challenges like cold-chain and storage requirements, trained administrators, bio-hazardous waste disposal and more.

A Dissolving Microneedle Patch Could Replace the Hypodermic Needle

Researchers have been exploring better ways to deliver medicines across the skin barrier and decades of analysis confirm transdermal drug delivery is effective. The first 3-day patch to fight motion sickness was approved in the late 1970s and nicotine patches followed about 10 years later.

US researchers Prausnitz and Langer note “between 1979 and 2002, a new patch was approved on average every 2.2 years.” This tripled from 2003–2007 and continues to increase. 

Recent innovations have replaced earlier hollow and solid microneedle systems with a dissolving microneedle patch that allows the medicine to cross the skin barrier and dissolve into your body. The technique is poised to replace oral and hypodermic needle delivery for many drugs.

Back to my daughter …

“Innovative medical technology will solve that,” I said. Her blank stare made it unnecessary to ask the next question, but she did anyway.

“I don’t understand.”

And so, I started to explain the dissolving microneedle patch are and how they work. 

Tell an eight-year-old a dissolving microneedle patch is fabricated by mixing active ingredients with dissolvable polymers to create a micron-sized needle shape that naturally dissolves away after skin insertion … and watch her fall asleep.

But when you explain that smart people are making a new way for her to get vaccines and other medicines that is not a needle and is painless, her eyes light up.

“How do they do it?”

“They mix the medicine with special ingredients that do not hurt your body and make a small patch that looks like a bandage.”

“Do I stick in on my arm?”

SeriTech Fast-Detaching Dissolving Microneedle
Seritech’s painless fast-detaching dissolving microneedle

“You do, and it dissolves in your skin – kind of like how honey mixes in your tea.”

“Cool. Does it hurt?”

“No more than when your cat licks your arm.”



“And that’s it?”


Her eyes lit up.

“Will my next vaccine use the new dissolving microneedle patch thingy?”

“Not yet, but companies are working to make this happen.”

She was excited that the dissolving microneedle patch is painless, noting they would be perfect for kids and others who get lots of needles.

Introducing the First Fast-Detaching Dissolving Microneedle Products

“How long does the micro-thingy stay on my arm?”

“That depends. Most of them stay on for hours or longer.”

“Do they move like my bandages do sometimes?”

“They can. But there is a new company called SeriTech, who is making the first fast-detaching dissolving microneedle patch.”

Again, her glazed eyes told me I needed to explain it better.

“It works like this: you open the package and peel back the cover, almost like a bandage, and stick it on your arm or wherever it needs to go. You hold your finger on it for 2 minutes and voila, you are done. The tiny needles come off in your skin and the medicine works its way into your system.”

The Seritech fast-detaching dissolving microneedle patch applies in a scant 2 minutes.
How to Apply the Seritech Fast-Detaching Dissolving Microneedle

“Cool! I can’t wait.”

“I know. And just think how easy it would be to send them to kids all around the world. You wouldn’t need special refrigerators to store them, or the old needles, or the special person to apply them, or …”

“I get it Papa. Just like sending bandages to kids anywhere. Only these have medicine inside. And everybody knows how to stick on a bandage.”


As parents, we all look forward to the end of painful needles and a modern mechanism that will benefit everyone. The fast-detaching dissolving microneedle sets a new bar for delivery times.

Or, as my daughter says: “This is super, mega cool, Papa.”

The SeriTech Philosophy

SeriTech envisions a new era in drug delivery that will impact lives around the globe. A fast-detaching dissolving microneedle patch will create positive impacts for kids and adults alike. The company continues research and development of biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial products that use this unique technology.

IPSYLON, the skincare brand of SeriTech, unveils the first fast detaching dissolving microneedles for cosmetic applications. With an application time of only 2 minutes, the brand sets a new benchmark for fast, effective, and easy to use skincare.

Check out the IPSYLON product line here.


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