For silk producers, extracting sericin and fibroin is a low-value distraction. While extraction is not complex, it usually requires specialized knowledge and care. Investing in silk protein extraction and purification makes little sense to the silk producer. As a by-product in a fragmented industry, the process tends to be artisanal.

Silk is a natural product that comes from a living organism and waste cocoons typically come from different sources. The molecular structure of sericin and fibroin can be easily impacted and damaged during the silk production process. Quality, integrity of the properties, consistency and sustainability of supply is not easily guaranteed.

Large cosmetic brands and pharmaceutical companies have recognized the potential of sericin. Biomedical companies know fibroin's qualities. But the supply chain has failed to meet industrial requirements.

SeriTech has developed and mastered proprietary processes

SeriTech is a pure player with a fully integrated supply chain. Our technological capability allows us to produce a wide range of molecular weights, designed for cosmetics use. Our process ensures consistency of supply and consistency of molecular weight and the amino-acid chains. Our expertise and extensive involvement in the silk industry controls both the quality of the silk farm and silk waste. We guarantee a safe and consistent product.

Our edge comes by combining multiple factors. Our market position is unique.

We offer full service around silk proteins

While we offer raw sericin and fibroin across multiple industries, we are more than an ingredient supplier.

We have developed strong capacities to offer a portfolio of molecules of different molecular weights and for different uses.


With leading formulation companies, we have developed a range of premium skincare products that are ready to be sold under any brand name. Using our sericin, we could develop a full portfolio of brand-ready products.


We partner with biomedical companies to implement fibroin in their manufacturing processes.


We strive to offer the best quality silk proteins to our customers and brands. As a natural by-product of the silk industry, sericin's quality can often vary.


Our processes and quality controls ensure that each batch of our product offers the highest level of properties and consistency.


Our end products are positioned as premium and have been developed in Switzerland with a leading cosmetic formulator.​


We are teaming with renowned experts on silk proteins and the most-advanced research labs in Thailand and Europe.


With them and our partners, we have developed processes and technologies to offer enhanced proteins of various molecular weights: from 10kDa to encapsulated molecules.


We guarantee long-term supplies of consistent quality with standardised properties, unconstrained from commercial, climate or geopolitical factors.


We are working with one of the best quality global silk players. This ensures an undisrupted supply of raw material for our extraction process.

Sustainability & Social Impact

Our silk waste upcycling strategy contributes positively to your ecological scorecard. We strive to make an impact not only by reducing the amount of waste resulting from the silk yarning process but by positively impacting the environment with our operations. Our current operations are run between the leading Thai silk farm and our lab in Bangkok. We will soon build an integrated factory with eco-friendly material and energy-saving solutions. SeriTech empowers our agricultural partners and workers by offering them an opportunity to develop a better future for them and their families. 


Safety is a key consideration for us and our customers. 


We guarantee the best processes, monitoring each step, from collection to shipping.


We offer traceability for all our goods. Our product is safe for skincare and haircare. Each batch is tested and certified. We leave no room for uncertainty.​


Sericin’s properties have been demonstrated and verified by leading research institutes, labs and brands.


We have conducted our own R&D and clinical trials to further develop our knowledge and collect additional data to support our claims.

Our goal is to supply more than an active ingredient, we offer the best silk-based products.


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