Our ESG Commitment

Environmental - Social - Governance

SeriTech understands that our business activities affect the society and environment around us. We have an opportunity and duty to ensure this impact is positive, at every stage of the supply chain.

We also believe that efficient and sustainable operations are necessary for long-term value creation in every step in our processes.

Not only do we apply these principles internally, we also ensure that all our partners share our philosophy and are committed to making a positive impact.

"More than a commitment ...

our raison d'être.

We transform natural silk waste into a powerful protein that improves skin condition and helps deliver medicines through the layers of our skin."


environmental impact

We think it is important to have a positive environmental impact.

Our raw material is silk waste which we upcycle to extract silk proteins and other valuable byproducts.


Our ingredients are all natural, and we also offer an organic selection of silk proteins.


Our brand-ready products and our own branded line of skincare adheres to the same values.


social impact

Our founder's family tradition is to have a positive social impact by helping local farmers and communities. We will continue that legacy and never depart from this commitment.

We support silk farmers and our entire Thai supply chain. We choose partners who share the same philosophy and have demonstrated positive social impact.

Our Ipsylon micro needling initiative is an example of our commitment to deliver effective, inexpensive, and efficient healthcare to all



We uphold the highest ethical standards and practices and offer an equitable employment and remuneration policy.


Any form of discrimination is not tolerated.


We are female-founded, and the majority of our staff are women. We support our people and their families to help them achieve their personal goals.


We apply the highest standards of corporate governance both locally and internationally.


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