About SeriTech

From silk proteins to medicinal patches

SeriTech is the result of our founder’s willingness to embrace the natural properties found in silk, enhancing a long family heritage in sericulture.

We have developed a scalable process to supply these proteins to brands who produce cosmetics and bio-medical products, and companies that leverage the properties of sericin and fibroin for multi-domain applications.

We started SeriTech in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the ambition to not only perfect silk proteins extraction but to design, engineer and offer industry-defining products around silk proteins and associated innovative technologies. From our earlier days of extracting sericin from silk waste to formulate cosmetic creams and serums we spread our wings to Europe with our new headquarters in Barcelona where we have established a strong link with the biotech, the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic ecosystem.

We are now a growing company with an experienced management team that includes the 3 co-founders as well as leading medical and scientific experts in the fields of silk proteins, immunology, cardiology and skin care, between Europe and Asia.

We have a portfolio of mature products and a pipeline of medicinal products and concepts.

Saimai Cuvong

“My vision is to create a brand and products that align with our 21st century lifestyle, highlighting new consumer habits and needs.”

Chairman, co-founder, Bangkok

Manuel Galiñanes

“I see a tremendous potential for silk proteins to improve patient lives suffering from heart dis-eases and undergoing cardiovascular surgery, due to the strong biocompatible and anti-oxidant properties of sericin and fibroin.”
Chief Medical Officer, Barcelona

Richard Joye

“SeriTech has an opportunity and duty to ensure our impact is positive, at every stage of the supply chain. The company recognizes that efficient and sustainable operations are necessary for long-term value creation in every step in our processes. ”

Managing Director, co-founder, Barcelona

Luisa Sugisawa

“Dermocosmetics is where cosmetics and dermatology meet. There are a variety of patches used by dermatologists or at home, but our patches present the most effective delivery method. No lengthy application times or complex formulations: only the specific, active ingredients delivered in two minutes.”
Head of Business Development, Barcelona

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