IPSYLON Skincare Reshapes Cosmetics Market

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“When I was young, healthy skin was as simple as washing regularly and drinking water. Voila!” These words from a 90-year-old Grannie resonated. Long before the creation of the colossal cosmetics industry, women understood that healthy skin meant good soap and several cups of water a day.

Times have changed and the cosmetics industry has exploded, both creating and capitalizing on aspirations of beauty. The skincare market is expanding rapidly and the early era of cleanse, tone and moisturize has been replaced by time-consuming and costly multi-step routines.

The global skincare market was estimated at over USD $145 billion in 2020 and growing at over 4% annually. Allied Market Research claims the “skincare category is one of the most technically advanced, complex and diverse categories of cosmetics.”

Somewhere between cups of water and ten-step routines, women have been swamped with cosmetic products, some good, others not-so-much. Many are pitched as essential and usually come with a hefty price tag and demanding regimens.

Shopping for skincare products can be confusing. There are countless choices filled with questionable claims, tremendous testimonials, and dubious data. Masks, scrubs, special cleansers, creams, serums, ingredient lists as long as your arm, and more. It’s easy to blow a pile of money only to realize unsatisfactory results.

An ample amount of snake oil goes into producing and selling skin care products. Add to the mix the persuasive power of marketing and perfect-skinned social media influencers hawking the latest miracle cream, age-defying serum, or the newest mask.

According to a Cosmetics Industry Report by Statista, “The cosmetic industry has benefited from the increasing popularity of social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube. These platforms are not only highly influential amongst certain groups, but create a demand for beauty products and help fill the gap between cosmetics brands and consumers. The tutorials aim to teach the viewers something about beauty, whether it is how to use a particular type of product or create a style of make-up, for example. Beauty vloggers and other independent content creators in fact produce the majority of conversations and social media buzz surrounding beauty brands on YouTube.”

Let’s be clear: there are great products on the market. Filtering your way through to finding them is challenging. Choosing involves time, money, and the willingness to try new products and new regimes. Affording them is another matter.

Online beauty platform Byrdie claims women average $313/month on their appearance, and men $244/month. How much money and time do you have in your busy day to dedicate to a daily skin routine?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that people have started to question the hype surrounding skincare regimes. Natural is good. It’s time to go back to basics and simple, effective products that do not interfere with work-from-home, home schooling, and the rest of our current not-so-normal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a minimalist product that … well … works? How about a product that does not require dedicating more time to skincare than childcare or work? What if there was a new way?

IPSYLON and its fast detaching and dissolving micro-vector transdermal patch offers a solution.

Transdermal patches were first approved by the FDA in the US in 1979 and microneedle technology is long recognized for efficient delivery of active ingredients. The first transdermal patches were for motion sickness and smoking cessation. But the first skincare patches did not emerge until about 20 years ago, ushering in the era of innovative skincare.

Luisa Sugisawa, IPSYLON Brand Director, explains that “dermocosmetics is where cosmetics and dermatology meet. Products in this market segment use active ingredients that are known to be good for humans, that are healthy, and are now applied to cosmetics. There are a variety of patches used by dermatologists or at home, but our patches present the most effective delivery method. No lengthy application times or complex formulations: only the specific, active ingredients delivered in two minutes.”

The dermocosmetics market includes an assortment of superficial patches that deliver active ingredients through different processes. They are increasingly popular, especially the dissolving type. For most patches on the market, limitations eclipse their advantages. They must be kept on for longer times (from 2 hours to overnight), deliver unreliable dosage levels, and bear infection risks as the pores remain open for some time.

IPSYLON sets a new standard. It is the only rapid detachable, dissolving micro-vector line of skincare products on the market. With a 2-minute application time, it makes room for everything else occupying your day-to-day. The micro-vectors deliver only the active ingredients to the target zone with ease and efficiency. They achieve 100% efficacy as nothing is lost and the precise dosage is delivered in a controlled way.

Painless, smaller than hair-sized micro-vectors penetrate the skin and detach from the strip in two-minutes. The short application time allows instant closing of pores, removing risk of infection or hyperpigmentation. There is no remaining sign of application.

And it’s easy: Apply an IPSYLON patch on the chosen skin are. Place the wet DETACH pad on the back of the IPSYLON patch. Press thoroughly for two minutes. Remove the base of the IPSYLON patch and use the same DETACH pad to gently massage the area and to facilitate penetration and the dissolving process.

IPSYLON is the only fast, detachable, dissolving micro-needling line of skincare products in the market.

IPSYLON does not use ‘add-on’ ingredients ensuring effective and efficient delivery. Other dermocosmetics patches on the market use a combination of chemicals with lengthy and unnecessary ingredient lists.

Highly touted creams and serums cost a bomb and are ineffective for deep skin treatments. The IPSYLON alternative bypasses these cocktails of unnecessary ingredients and delivers minimalist micro-vectors with no additives.

IPSYLON can yield the same results as professional treatments in costly clinics at a fraction of the cost. The best part is you can do this from the comfort of your home or on-the-fly. Environmentally, IPSYLON offers a cleaner solution. Have you ever thought of the amount of water used in lengthy skincare regimes? IPSYLON reduces this waste.

IPSYLON Founder Saimai Cunvong says her product “is easy to use for women and men. Apply the patch, wait two minutes and carry on. IPSYLON does not discriminate based on skin colour. Our micro-vector patches are effective for every skin tone. Here in the Asia-Pacific region, we account for 40% of the cosmetics market. Our products are designed for all skin types and our clinical trials demonstrate this.”

And while a 90-year-old Grannie scoffs at “young people and all the time they spend on skincare regimes”, she thinks “two minutes is worth a try as it won’t distract me from living my days to the fullest.”