The Benefits of Innovation: Transdermal Cosmetic Patches

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Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in 1913 to manufacture cars more efficiently. The innovative approach reduced prices, leading to a surge in acceptance of the automobile. Skeptics resisted, doubting the technology, and continued with traditional horse and cart. But the benefits were undeniable, and society soon embraced the car. In the rear-view mirror of automotive history, it seems obvious.

History Lessons

In the 1920s and 1930s, the implementation of agricultural innovations in the US led to increased focus on how products and technology spread and became popular – known as diffusion. Professor Everett Rogers examined hundreds of diffusion studies across multiple industries and published “Diffusion of Innovations” in 1962. 

Rogers maintained “four main elements influence the spread of a new idea: the innovation itself, communication channels, time, and a social system.” Innovative products are often slow to gain traction but increased awareness and testimonials from influential early adopters and supporters can accelerate the pace. Communication channels advance the message and over time, the social system gradually adopts new technology that works.

It took over 80 years before most US homes embraced electricity and more than 60 years for the refrigerator to be widely adopted. The personal computer was once considered the exclusive realm of coders and techies but easy-to-use operating systems, plummeting prices, and the considerable benefits resulted in a computer on nearly every desk. 

As technology advances and our willingness to embrace it speeds. The personal computer is being substituted for tablets and mobile phones.

The internet took 6 years to gain acceptance. Today, it is considered essential to everyday living from how we work, communicate, conduct commerce, learn and more. 

The first mobile telephones were mocked as unnecessary, overpriced toys. It took only 4 years to catch on and now they are found in almost every hand, everywhere. 

The evolution of social media shifted the dynamic again. In 2 short years, this technology took the world by storm.

In hindsight, our reluctance to embrace technology and innovation comes at a cost to efficiency. From electricity and automobiles to cellphones, the internet and more, technology is improving our quality of life in many ways. 

While society is increasingly tech savvy, innovations and new technologies are often slow to break into the mainstream and a surprising number of activities remain inexplicably rooted in tradition.

If someone told you innovative technology could shorten your cosmetics routine and deliver better results, would you be skeptical? 

Today, this is reality.

Transdermal Patches: the foundation for improved medicine delivery

Transdermal patches have evolved since their invention in the 1970s. Like so many other products, technology has advanced our ability to build better things. The bulky – looks like a bandage – that was glued to your arm for days to prevent seasickness or help stop smoking has been succeeded several times over.

Modern microneedles that replaced the old patches demonstrated a scientifically advanced method to deliver medicalized ingredients but came with a few drawbacks. Technological advances improved the earlier versions and dissolving microneedles have proven to be a safer, more effective technique.

Dissolving Microneedles for Cosmetic Applications

The cosmetics industry is leading the charge in producing dissolving microneedles for skin conditions and other esthetic solutions. Applications that target wrinkles, spots, acne scars and more deliver results that outperform creams in a fraction of the time. Dermocosmetic patches, as they are known, offer solutions tailored to today’s fast-paced world where efficiency and effectiveness are essential.

Data supports the effectiveness of dissolving microneedles, confirming positive results. The rising number of dermocosmetic patch products on the market, from simple patches to dissolving microneedles, reflects the uptake in adoption rates and testifies to their advantages. Products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some more effective than others. However, they all share an important characteristic: the length of time the patch must remain on the skin. 

With a minimum of 2 hours and most recommending overnight application, there are risks of shifting patches, skin discoloration, and infection. In today’s fast-paced world, you deserve better: faster application and reduced risks.

IPSYLON has developed the solution.

Building Better with IPSYLON

Fortunately, building better through technology has resulted in the world’s first fast-detaching dissolving microneedles. IPSYLON introduces an innovative, ethical, next-gen suite of dermocosmetic products that will shorten your routine and yield better results. 

The IPSYLON patch applies in under 2 minutes – you read that correctly. And depending on the product, you use it daily to only twice a week. This game-changing innovation dispenses easy, express, and effective transfer of the ingredient to the target area.

IPSYLON products feature a targeted minimalist approach with only essential ingredients that deliver clinically approved results. In vivo laboratory analysis data demonstrates better results than creams in a fraction of the time.

It is time to bridge the gap between existing products and new technology and treat yourself to a positive impact on your skin and your routine.

The IPSYLON Advantage

If you already use dissolving microneedle patches, you know they work. You also know the application times required and may have been confused by a long ingredient list. 

IPSYLON is the only 2-minute solution, and it contains purely essential ingredients – no fillers. 

Are you a cream person? Do you spend money and time on a daily routine that offers promise yet fails to deliver? By now, you have discovered why creams do not work well as well as they are marketed. They focus on branding, marketing, and promoting surface ingredients acting as fillers.

Ingredients in creams do not actually penetrate the skin because the nature of your skin is to keep things out. And products that use chemicals to help ingredients cross the skin barrier come can lead to irritation, allergic reaction, and potential risk from long term exposure.

IPSYLON works better, faster: supported by data not marketing claims.

Curious about modern approaches to skin care? IPSYLON brings your professional skin care to your home. Your wrinkles, dark spots and acne scars deserve better treatment.

IPSYLON fast-detaching dissolving microneedle patches shorten your routine to a matter of minutes. Dark Spot Corrector is applied daily and Acne Scar Smoother every 2 days. Laboratory analysis demonstrated significant improvements in skin condition. Tests confirm the twice weekly Deep Filler displays a higher effectiveness compared to a leading hyaluronic acid serum.

Over 90% of IPSYLON test volunteers report the product is easy to use, calling it the most innovative skincare product of the decade.

Analysis Reveals Effectiveness of IPSYLON products 

Laboratory in vivo analysis validates the ease of use of IPSYLON’s fast-detaching dissolving microneedle and demonstrates the efficacy of the products. IPSYLON products have been certified by Bionos Biotech to meet EU regulations for Good Clinical Practices and qualify as “Dermatologically Tested”, “Clinically Tested”, and “Tolerance Tested” products.

Results confirm the Dark Spot Corrector significantly decreases the area for dark spots and increased skin uniformity. Retinal Nasolabial Filler Patches “displays antiwrinkle capabilities in nasolabial area, through significant reduction of the total area, length, depth and roughness, and significant increase of smooth area.”

Acne Scar Smoother Patches “displays smoothness and anti-rugosity capabilities, through significant improvement of smoothness and roughness in the area showing acne scars, compared to the basal values before the start of the treatment.”

Adopting new technology has benefits.

Effective. Express application time. Easy to use. IPSYLON.


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